Helping Brands Discover The Full Potential
of Photography and Video
Jodie Miller
Creative Director/Photography Director/Video Director/Retoucher
As a child my father's advised me to. . . "Choose a job you would be willing to do for free." I feel that was the best advise
I have ever gotten. I truly found my calling in this all consuming business. Everyone has that special place they intuitively know they belong. For me, it’s in my work, the place where I come to life.

“I see the big picture, directing everyone individually,
already seeing the masterpiece prior to its completion.”
I have always found a way to dream bigger, raise the bar, and expand people’s minds. Breaking those insurmountable tasks into defined journeys.

Moving forward, I am looking for an opportunity to work with a team and share my passion for the industry, doing spectacular things.
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