"the Art of Precision"
Art DirectionBrandingPackaging
"Fresh Storage"
Art DirectionBrandingPrint Design
"Pear Launch"
Creative DirectionExhibition DesignPhotography
"Commercial-Style Cooking"
BrandingCreative DirectionPrint Design
"Home Theater"
AdvertisingBrandingCreative Direction
"Recipe Cards"
Creative DirectionCulinary ArtsPhotography
"Pro Line" Brochure
Creative DirectionPhotographyPrint Design
Creative DirectionPhotographyPrint Design
"Radix" Identity
Art DirectionBrandingTypography
"3 in 1" Booth Design
Creative DirectionExhibition DesignSet Design
"Power of Comfort"
Creative DirectionDirectingPhotography
"Buku Live" Identity
Creative DirectionTypographyDesign
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