Long Island    JennAir
Concept, Set Design Collaboration, Creative Direction, Photography Direction

We'll actually the Long Island Sound, The mouth of the Connecticut River at Old Saybrook, Connecticut, empties into the sound, well that's exactly the area this upscale set has been designed for, the perfect balance between the indigenous materials of nature and their reflected beauty by JennAir premium appliances. The "Long Island Sound" is also the perfect location in regard to culinary delights, from crabs, shrimp and lobsters to Butterfish, Winter Flounder, Atlantic Silversides, and Black Seabass.

A collaboration between Jodie Miller, Myra Jewell, Jim Milius and Kristen Hiestand, from the Shadowlight Group. Captured by photographer Ron Bowman and Jim Gaston under the direction of Jodie Miller and Myra Jewell.

Every material has been meticulously considered from the hardwood floor to solid surface counters. The backsplash that leads up to the custom surround of the vent hood, flanked by shelving, is yet another finishing touch, showcasing the beauty of JennAir premium appliances.
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