Beach House      KitchenAid
Concept, Set Design, Styling, Propping, Construction Supervision, Creative Direction, Culinary Coordination, Photography Direction
This modern warm set was created as the perfect getaway. Designed and supervised by Jodie Miller and Myra Jewell, constructed and photographed by the in-house photo studio at Whirlpool Corporation.
This bright, clean, uncluttered design features freestanding products, ideal for a second home, or smaller kitchens. The easy access 4 drawer refrigerator is perfect for entertaining, loaded with party favors. Product pairs like induction slide-in range with a built-in microwave-hood-combination were ideal choices for this simple kitchen configuration. Dual work and prep sinks create the perfect multitasking area, the unique placement of the dishwasher, makes cleanup a breeze. Materials were chosen to create a very warm inviting feeling, a perfect retreat, with all of the amenities you've come to expect from KitchenAid premium appliances.
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